Where digital and direct interconnect.


About the agency

MBA: Where digital and direct interconnect.

We're an independent agency based in London, Miami and Brighton. We deliver ROI for our Clients by applying our Brand Action™ approach to the way that people buy today – a digitally-fuelled, non-linear and dynamic process. Brand Action™ blends the art of insightful thinking and creativity with the science, data and technology of rigorous and glorious delivery.

We're a bunch of entrepreneurially minded people who care about our Clients' success. We like to work as partners where we can discuss and influence many areas of the business. We stand by our principles and actively encourage a performance related pay element in our remuneration. How else can you operate in today's digital landscape?

Agency philosophy

Brand Action™

We believe you can have your cake and eat it - brand and 'response' are not mutually exclusive. We create meaningful, evocative brand ideas and bring them to life with rigour, craft and expertise to make them work really hard. 'Response' isn't just about clicking banners, so we use the word 'Action' to convey a more flexible interpretation – whatever drives the Client's business.

We view the customer purchase decision as an ecosystem. It's a dynamic, evolving, non-linear process, often without a specific start point. Brand Action™ helps people find their way to your brand either by classic 'push' techniques or by shaping the ecosystem in our favour (using 'zero moment of truth' thinking). Technology plays an increasingly important role both in terms of being more relevant / targeted (e.g. marketing automation) and delivering meaningful brand and useful purchase experiences (on and offline). Implicit and explicit data informs everything.

Core agency skills

Brand action™

  • Digital and direct communications
  • PR
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Web / mobile strategy, design & build
  • Data planning, analysis, campaign measurement

Recent agency awards

We pride ourselves on the very best effectiveness awards where our approach to creative technology has led to tangible, incremental value for our Clients, such as:

  • Marketing Society Awards for Excellence 2013: Best New Brand – Amazon's LOVEFiLM
  • IMA Best in Class Global Website Award 2013 – Everest
  • UK Leading Independent Agency of the Year: The Business Excellence Awards
  • The Drum Marketing Award 2013: New Product / Launch strategy – Amazon's LOVEFiLM
  • Des Étoiles et des Ailes: Best International Marketing Film 2013 – Embraer Jets
  • Best companies to work for – 'one to watch'
  • IPA Gold CPD for staff training / development / culture

Top five current clients

  • Accor - Hotels & Travel
  • Amazon's LOVEFiLM - Entertainment
  • Avios - Travel
  • Embraer - Executive jets
  • Telefónica / O2 - Communications

What has had the biggest impact on your business in the last year?

After years of divergence and disruption it feels as though we are reaching a new consensus.

For MBA, the key is viewing the purchase decision as an ecosystem. Thinking becomes less about interruption and bombarding people with messages and more about how you shape the ecosystem so your brand is an inevitable conclusion. This is closely related to Accenture Interactive's view of the "Digital Enterprise" and "era of customer experience". The convergence is located where digital and direct interconnect. How do you get to play there?

Embrace technology. Both in terms of integrating CRM / database etc. systems to make marketing more automated and efficient and also in terms of creating magical brand experiences.

Embrace data. Using implicit, behavioural data to complement all the explicit data is critical to ecosystem thinking to deliver a truly personal experience.

Embrace content strategy. Content can sometimes be a tweet, sometimes a YouTube video, sometimes a TV commercial. Content requires a good strategy to organise it. Which customer is it for? How does it provide utility? Is it ephemeral, or something that has enduring purpose? Choose the right tool for the job.

Embrace all forms of creativity. We know that creativity increases effectiveness particularly when there's an emotional connection. Demonstrating what you stand for, showing people that you're annoyed with the same things they're annoyed with – any attempt to display a shared worldview – is bound to work harder than dry, rational argument. Using technology, data and content wrapped up with creativity, Clients and Agencies can work together to produce powerful and effective work; work that recognises purchasing today is a digitally-fuelled, non-linear and dynamic ecosystem.

Marketing has evolved to a new consensus. The fittest must be here, where digital and direct interconnect.

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